Windows Phone Shipments Up, Market Share Down

Time for some fresh Windows Phone shipments and market share analysis. Microsoft’s mobile operating platform had a tough year, with fewer high profile smartphone releases than before.

Just when the platform needed flagships to add to the momentum it had gained in 2013, Redmond opted for a strategy to sell as many smartphones as possible — in the end it did just that, moving more numbers but failing to increase its market share by any noticeable amount.

In fact, these yearly statistics from IDC show that Windows Phone market share has slid below 3% worldwide, even as the platform saw an uptake in devices sold.

But that’s what you get when focusing on the affordable segment.

IDC Mobile Statistics 2014

Windows Phone accounted for a 3.3% market share back in 2013, but the operating platform registered a 0.6% drop last year, resulting in a total slice of just 2.7%. This major dip in market share has probably got to with the increased number of smartphone shipments this past year.

According to IDC 1018.7 million smartphones shipped in 2013, while the corresponding figures for 2014 came in at no less than 1300.4 million.

Still the Windows Phone market share is expected to remain on the same level this year too.

On the flipside, Microsoft managed to ship more handsets last year, moving some 34.9 million units last year compared to shipments of 33.5 million in 2013.

Fingers crossed for an uplift in fortunes by the time Windows 10 for Phones is here.

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