Windows Phone Shows Strong Growth, Market Share Doubles In Europe

Finally, some confirmation to what analysts have been saying. The Windows Phone platform is finally starting to kick into high gear with strong showings in 2012, particularly in Europe.

A lot of statistics last year backed up the fact that Microsoft’s mobile operating system was slowly but surely increasing its market share. Understandably, the data at that time did not include Windows Phone 8 numbers, but even then the signs were good.

But now Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has just published the newest statistics on the global smartphone market. And Microsoft’s mobile platform has a very strong showing, undoubtedly helped by Windows Phone 8 and its strong impact in terms of sales.

One region where Windows Phone showed the most growth is Europe, where the mobile OS easily doubled its market share to 5.4% up from 2.6% back in 2011. Even Britain, a market that was traditionally inclined towards RIM and its BlackBerry platform has raked up some great numbers.

Windows Phone 8 is set to surpass RIM’s market share soon with a 5.9% showing, compared to RIM’s 6.4%. Only a matter of time, then, it seems.

Having said that, there is more work to be done in two of the most important markets — US and China. For example, Windows Phone only recorded most gains in the United States of 0.4% year over year, where it only controls a mere 2.6% of the market.

As Dominic Sunnebo, the global consumer insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech said:

“It has been far slower than Microsoft would have liked, but Windows Phone is now starting to gain respectable shares in a number of key European countries. However, its performance in the Chinese and US markets remains underwhelming. As the two largest smartphone markets in the world, these remain key challenges for Microsoft to overcome during 2013.”

Nevertheless, Microsoft has made some important strides last year, and these numbers show that the Redmond company (along with its partners) is doing a lot of things right when it comes to the mobile arena. Android and iOS are a fair few leagues away, but Windows Phone is heading in the right direction.

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