Windows Phone Starts To Fade In Europe, Remains Third

numbers reveal, Windows Phone enjoyed a healthy 10.3 percent market share in Europe back in February, but could only manage a slice of 8.3 percent in March. kantar_smartphone_sales_march Breaking down the numbers in each market shows varying levels of decline. In the UK, for example, the market share for Windows Phone dipped from 11.3 percent in February to single digits 9.1 percent in March. The plunge in Italy was even deeper, from 17 percent to only 9.6 percent last month. France is down to 8.3 percent from 13.9 percent. Well, I guess, the Windows Phone 8.1 delay is starting to hurt. This, and the fact that Nokia has not released any new smartphones this year — but there is every chance that sales will pick up pace when the first Windows Phone 8.1 handsets like the Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930 make their way to the market next month. At worst Microsoft have lost some momentum, but it’s nothing serious. The real worry would be if this downward trend continues after the newer smartphones are out in the open. Be interesting to keep an eye on these figures for the next few months.]]>

Written by Hamid Khan


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