Windows Phone Store Went Down, Should Now Be Back for Most Markets

Earlier today, the Windows Phone Store stopped working out of the blue. Many users were reporting that the store wouldn’t return any results, though many users were receiving the message “We can’t search right now, be sure Internet is available and SkyNet hasn’t been activated.”.

Since the issue was first reported, most users have now confirmed that everything seems to be working again. That said, not all regions might see the store turn back on just yet, so if you are still without access, just hang tight a bit longer.

Wondering what gave in the first place? Honestly— we don’t know. Microsoft never issued any public statements about what was going on. The downtime didn’t last forever and was likely maintenance related or a quick fix or update that went wrong.

Regardless of the platform you choose, things like this can and will go down from time to time, but likely it wasn’t out for long. Where you affected by the outage? Has everything come back up for you now or are you still unable to use Windows Phone Store on your Windows Phone 8 handset?

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