Windows Phone Updates Can Now Be Installed Via microSD Cards

arrived smack in the middle of last week. And it arrived with some changes to the way the OS now handles updates. Sure, only those enrolled with the Developer Preview program can check it out, but Microsoft is sure to be release this to everyone, once the testing period is completed. So anyway, in addition to some enhancements to the Battery Saver option, this new build of Microsoft’s mobile operating system can now download OS updates onto a microSD card. That is, if you’re running low on space on your smartphone or device. As revealed here, the switch is performed automatically. Meaning whenever a new version of the OS is available, Windows Phone first looks for available space on the device itself. If there isn’t enough, then it checks the microSD card and then saves all necessary files accordingly there. Needless to say, this welcome new option is not available on all smartphones out there. As Microsoft so elaborately explains: “Install updates when you want by scheduling them for a time that works best for you. And if your phone supports SD cards, it will now detect if you’re running low on space when updating and use the SD card. (Scheduling an update is available after updating to build 8.10.14203.206. Support for using your SD card for updating your phone depends on your phone model and manufacturer.)” A microSD card, as you can see, is needed, and not all Windows Phone models come with them built in. Case in point, the current Microsoft flagship, Lumia 930 does not offer this functionality. In any case, lower end hardware is set to benefit the most from this. In fact, it looks to be a feature custom designed for users of budget phones. Entry level smartphones often come with limited amount of storage, so as to keep the price as low as possible. Owners of 4GB or 8GB models should feel happy now.]]>

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