Windows Phone US Market Share Takes Another Dip

The newest numbers from comScore are in, and they show what everyone feared. The Windows Phone US market share registered another drop, with Microsoft having a hard time in its home market.

While the platform may be on the up in several Asian and European markets, Android and iOS continue giving it a tough time on home turf — and as these new statistics show, the mobile operating system has started to lose users instead of gaining them.

The data for the 3-month quarter ending November 2014 reveals that while the Android platform gained a little more ground, Windows Phone actually dipped.

comScore Mobile US November 2014

Android is leading the chart in the US with a share around the 52.6% mark. Apple follows with the iOS platform good enough for 41.8% (though down from 42% in August last year). Microsoft is on third with figures of 3.5% overall.

This makes for a small 0.1% decline from numbers recorded in August.

BlackBerry has 2.0% to its name, while Symbian, surprisingly, is still in the mix with 0.1%.

Goes without saying that a lot depends on the launch of Windows Phone 10, and how the upcoming version of the mobile OS manages to turn the tide. The rumored name change starts making sense when you look at it in this context.

As Microsoft can channel some Windows 10 goodwill by calling its phone platform Windows 10 Mobile.

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