Windows Phone7 from Microsoft at a glance

With the increasing demand of the advanced operating systems in the mobile phones, HTC HD7 also come up with its new model being incorporated with the Windows phone7, a creation of the most famous company, the Microsoft. The Windows 7 is a completely new operating system with advanced features and is far better than the earlier operating systems of the company.The new handset released is been named as the Samsung Omnia 7. It is candy shaped and is a touch-screen mobile phone. The phone being equipped with the latest operating system is completely efficient to be used as a pocket sized Desktop. Windows Phone7, the operating system of the phone is definitely more enhanced as compared to the other operating system present in the market like those of the iOS, Symbian and the Google’s Android. Windows Phone7 is featured with an entirely different UI, which is slick, uncluttered, quick and is also easy to use.Most of the built-in application are engineered with a design called hubs. The Hub are specifically the large panoramic applications that facilitate the users to swipe left and right. The new system also enables you to search for the contacts through Hotmail, Gmail or Microsoft Exchange. Also the assessing of the social sites has become really easy with the use of this operating system as the system automatically generate contacts and also the updates are shown once it has been used for the same.The company in order to improve the sales also provides its users with some free applications like Huffington Post. Also it supports easy and fast downloading with this new operating system. Input to the system is through the QWERTY keypad of the mobile phone. An audible kind of feedback is provided by the system. Windows Phone7 consists of eight key press variation samples which are played in loop, thus making each key press different. Also it provide the users with some automatic correction and suggestions.The Internet Explorer equipped to the system is improved as compared to the older versions of the operating system. The maps as well are easy and fast to access with features like that of vector mapping and the zooming facility. Step by step directions are also supported with the Windows Phone7. The operating system is sure to gain fame and to experience inflated sales

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