Windows RT Jailbreak Process Gets Simplified, Now Just About Anyone Can Do It

Earlier this week we reported on the new Windows RT jailbreak that would allow unsigned desktop apps to run on your ARM-based Windows tablet. At the time the process was confusing and required quite a bit of expertise to get up and running.

Things move quickly in the hacking world. XDA Developer’s site now has a batch file from “netham45” which automates the jailbreak process requiring little technical knowledge to get it off the ground.

The exploit modifies a specific part of the Windows RT system kernel that lets users change the minimum signing level to run unsigned apps on Windows RT’s desktop.

Microsoft has since stated that they applaud the hardwork involved with the jailbreak method (at least the original, more-complicated method) but they don’t guarantee that the loopholes needed to make it work will always be there.
Honestly though, I don’t think this is going away. Once the door is open for modders and hackers, they will do just about anything and everything to keep it open.

So what is the purpose of running unsigned desktop apps on Windows RT? At the moment, functionality is quite limited. You can’t just run your current Windows legacy applications because they weren’t written for ARM processors.

That said, the homebrew community could open the door for custom apps and tools. This includes a new effort to create an emulated “Mac OS Server” experience running on top of the Microsoft Surface’s Windows RT OS.

There is potential here, but some might say there is also danger in this because running unsigned apps could open your system up to malware down the road. Honestly, it’s hard to say if that is true or not at this point.
Are you excited by the potential of a Windows RT automated jailbreak process or not?

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