Windows RT Review + Video – ASUS VivoTab RT

ASUS VivoTab RT tablet and docking station/keyboard and guess what? I kinda liked it. Let me start at the beginning. The ASUS VivoTab RT is the new Windows RT tablet from ASUS. The device stats:

  • OS: Windows RT
  • CPU: NVIDIA™ Tegra® 3 Quad-core / Icera410
  • Memory: DDR3L on board 2GB
  • Storage: 64G / 3 Years ASUS WebStorage
  • Display: 10.1“ Ratio: 16:9 ( 1366×768 ) 178° wide viewing angle IPS panel
  • Camera: 8MP Auto-focus with LED Flash (rear), 2MP (front) with LED indicator
  • Video: 1080p video recording
  • Connectivity: WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
  • Miscellaneous: Audio: 2-in-1 Audio Jack (Head Phone/Mic-in), 1 x Micro HDMI, 1 x Micro SD Card Reader (SDXC), Internal Microphone, Quad-Speakers with SonicMaster Audio Technology
  • Battery:
    • Tablet only: 25Wh 9 hours Li-polymer,
    • With Dock: 25Wh+22Wh – 16 hours
  • Dimension / Weight: 263 * 171 * 8.3 mm / 525g
  • Price: $599 for Tablet AND dock/keyboard
The packaging is pretty interesting. The boxes are small and look almost comic book-ish. The unboxing is pretty standard here. It’s not super fancy and not trashy, just standard hardware boxing. The first thing you’ll notice about this tablet keyboard combo is how light they are. The tablet felt incredibly light in my hands and was very fast and responsive. You unpack the tablet and then unpack the docking station which is also a VERY fantastic keyboard. You can see the large hinge connector thingy at the top of the keyboard? Well it was REALLY stiff and I kept thinking I was doing it wrong and was scared to pull it back (in case I broke it). It turns out that it pulls back fine but it takes some getting used to. This is one of the best keyboard/docks I have ever seen. It looks and feels REALLY sturdy and well made. Anyway, once you put tablet and keyboard together, you have a really good looking Ultrabook. It feels really compact and good in the hand.   It fits together and disconnects really easily and felt really good. The processor is really zippy and the colors are great. It feels like a great tablet but the issue is, it’s running Windows RT. You have to contend with the fact that you can’t run legacy software and even though you do have Office 2013 pre-loaded on the device, you have to deal with the Windows Store and the Modern UI (Metro). In addition, it’s screen is cool for a tablet but 10.1 inches is really small for a laptop. Hard to see living with that long term. The cameras – (2 megapixels in the front, and 8 megapixels and 1080p video recording in the rear) are decent but won’t necessarily win any awards. As long as you have decent lighting, you’ll get decent photos but nothing too fancy in low light or fast movements. I really dig the look and feel of the device and would recommend the Windows 8 counterpart. It feels solid and relatively easy to assemble/disassemble. I used it for a couple of days off and on and the battery life was pretty good. When I ussed it with the dock, I got 3.5 days before needing to recharge. Games (the few games I could find in the store) were fast and fluid and seemed to work well. All in all, it’s a very decent effort from ASUS. I would definitely get a VivoTab running Windows 8 though because the RT limitations just don’t make sense for me at this point. Once again, when both pieces are connected, it feels very good. You can get this device at the Microsoft Store. I’ll leave you with some pictures of the setup and the device as well as a brief review video. Please leave your questions and feedback below in the comments…

Photos of the ASUS VivoTab RT Tablet and connector dock/keyboard

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ASUS VivoTab RT Tablet Review Video Thanks to ASUS again…  ]]>

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