Windows Server 2012 And SQL Server 2012 Feature In New Microsoft Video

It goes without saying that 2012 was one of the most (if not the most) ambitious year for Microsoft. The company had big plans in place this year, and met most of them with success. The last 12 months saw Microsoft launch a variety of software and operating systems, debut its first ever tablet, Xbox and Bing grew from strength to strength, and Windows Phone 8 finally seems to be on the right track. Three of the most high-profile software launches were undoubtedly Windows 8, Windows Serve 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. All three find a place in a new video Microsoft has put up taking a look back at 12 milestone moments for the company. Take a look at the video below: Microsoft has also conveniently put up a page showing slideshows of all the events here. Windows Server 2012, Microsoft’s popular server operating system saw the light of the day in September, while SQL Server 2012 was launched back in April this year. Both versions brought with them a host of improvements and new features. Microsoft feels quite proud of its giving campaigns, which also feature in both the video and slideshow. Continuing its employee rewards program, the company also launched Youth Spark, an initiate which Microsoft hopes will help 300 million youth with employment opportunities over the next three years. All in all, seems like job well done — both in the consumer and corporate sectors. Here’s to all the goodness 2013 will bring.]]>

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