Windows Server 2012 Essentials Update Rollup 1 Announced

Windows Server 2012 just got its first major update. Microsoft has just announced, what it is calling the Update Rollup 1, and as the name implies, this is not just a collection of bug fixes — some small functional updates are also thrown in.

Nevertheless, emphasis on the word small here, as the “new features” Redmond is promising are more fixes than features. You can read up on them here in this Knowledge Base article for the rollup. A separate Knowledge Base article also exists for the client-side install, required for connected PCs.

The four fixes detailed include:

Hosted email message mailbox integration in the Dashboard
This new add-in framework allows easier integration of a remote third-party email service.

Improved reliability of the Remote Web Access (RWA) page
All thanks to an update to AntiXSSLibrary.dll.

.NET Framework 4.5 package gets a new version update
This updates the .netfx client package to the latest version in order to improve the reliability of client connector plus other dependent features.

Improved online backup integration experience
A direct download link is now included in the Dashboard.

You may recall that Essentials 2012 hit RTM back in early October 2012, and this new rollup release hits at round about the 5 month mark. There are not enough new features to consider this a service pack, but the fixes and features are meaningful enough for Redmond to roll up into a package like this.

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