Windows Server 2012 R2 Now Available To MSDN And TechNet Subscribers

Along with Windows 8.1 and a couple of other of its software products, Microsoft has also made available Windows Server 2012 R2 to developers and users via its MSDN and TechNet subscription.

The latest version of the company’s server operating system is a notable step up for Microsoft, as it aims to bridge together the worlds of cloud and on-premise computing. For this reason, the technology titan is quick to pronounce this version as a cloud OS.

Detailing the new operating system, Microsoft said:

“The Microsoft Cloud OS provides enterprises with infrastructure and solutions for always-on, always-up services. Automated management, robust multi-tenant support, and self-service provisioning help enterprises transform their datacentres to support the co-ordination and management of pooled sets of shared resources at the datacentre level, replacing fragmented management of individual server nodes.”

Some heavy stuff up there, but very impressive nonetheless!

Windows Server 2012 R2 brings support for server and desktop virtualization, server management, along with new storage and networking features. The latest version of the operating system also supports shared-nothing live migration and Hyper-V Replica.

And this actually provides storage-agnostic and workload-agnostic replication over asynchronous IP-based networks.

The company has also bundled in new storage and networking improvements. Primary among them is the storage tiering feature — which allows dynamic enhancements to how storage is utilized, while using affordable industry standard hardware.

Low-cost and high-capacity spinning disks can be used to store data that is less frequently used, while critical and frequently used data can be stored on solid state disks that offer high-speed access.

While the RTM bits are available for download to developers and IT professionals via MSDN and TechNet, retail version of Windows Server 2012 R2 is on track for general availability on October 18.

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