Windows Share: share data between applications in Windows 8

  • Source – any application that has information for sharing with other applications
  • Target – any application consuming the information shared by other apps
  • Broker – the transfer mediator between the source and the target
  • If a user wants to share particular information from an app, he or she will be presented with a list of all applications that accept the type of data in question, which will then be automatically transferred upon making a selection. [caption id="attachment_7572" align="alignnone" width="582"]Windows Share Windows Share[/caption] This is a brilliant move by Microsoft as it gives developers TREMENDOUS amounts of flexibility when developing applications. Also, something that people have missed are the enterprise implications of this development. This is HUGE. Typically, the way it works in organizations is that:
    1. Apps are built
    2. Interfaces are built later to help them talk to each other.
    Well if Windows applications have the ability to natively talk to each other, a lot of interfaces just became unnecessary. Beautiful.]]>

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