Windows Spellcheck Is Here To Improve Spelling On Edge


Introducing Windows Spellcheck. A new spellcheck experience across Microsoft browsers had long been a public demand, and the company has just delivered on it.

This impressive new spellchecking technology is now officially in the house, starting with the newly released version 83 of the Microsoft Edge web browser. And it replaces the existing spellcheck experience in Edge by Hunspell.

The software titan detailed these changes in a blog post, confirming that the new feature has been developed for all Chromium powered browsers as part of the project. Notably, Window Spellcheck has been developed in collaboration with Google, for spellchecking in all Chromium-based browsers.

Windows Spellcheck comes with a whole array of benefits like support for additional languages and dialects, to go with a shared custom dictionary. And thankfully, improved support for acronyms, email addresses, and URLS is also packed in.

You can compare the two spellchecks, Hunspell and Windows, below:

Windows Spellcheck


The improved spellcheck experience is enabled by default in Microsoft Edge, and the browser automatically inherits your preferred language and settings from the operating system. It is supported on Windows 8.1 and above.

Windows Spellcheck Settings

Additionally, you can also navigate to the edge://settings/languages page of the Edge browser to configure all the additional details and defining languages.

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