Windows Store App Approval Slows Down For Holidays

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“From December 22nd through January 1st, the Windows Store team will have fewer staff on-hand, as team members spend the holidays with their families. We’ll continue to review and certify your apps during this time—it will just take a little longer”.
If you are an app developer and want to see your app in the Windows Store before the holidays, your best bet is to send it right now. Otherwise you will have to wait till January to get you app approved. Leblond explained:
“If you’re hoping to get your app certified and in the Store before the holidays, we recommend you submit your app right away. And if you have non-essential updates that you’d like to make, consider holding off until after January 1st”.
Microsoft’s Windows Store is growing at a steady pace, slow, yet steady. Though people have raised some concerns on the quality of the apps that are submitted (and get approval), with a recent study finding 3 simple apps being cloned and duplicated another 115 times. Regardless, estimates put the number of apps on the Windows Store at over 25,000, with hundreds added daily. CEO Steve Ballmer was said to be pretty happy with how things are shaping up with regards to Windows 8 and the apps on the Windows Store:
“We know for sure that people get it, and like it. Consumers are using the features and downloading new applications. In fact, several apps have reached already 1 million downloads”.
More power to the Windows Store, then!]]>

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