Windows Store App Count Crosses 44,000 In February

No brownies for guessing that the number of new apps that show up on the Windows Store has noticeably slowed down since the end of last year, expectedly it could be said.

In fact, January 2013 only saw around 4,000 new apps added to Microsoft’s flagship app repository, and the number rise to 39,860 by the end of the first month of the year.

This past month was more of the same, as far as new appearances are concerned. Latest numbers from the MetroStore Scanner website show that the total app count at the end of February 2013 was 44,680.

If things continue at this pace, the Windows Store might cross the 50,000 apps milestone sometime in early April, and save for some drastic improvements, the 100,000 milestone could be a while away — sometime in 2014.

China still boasts the largest number of localized Windows 8 apps with no less than 31,067 apps available, while the US market total now stands at 30,045 according to the same apps aggregator.

These figures are nowhere near bad for a fledging new platform, but like most things in life, it all boils down to the quality of the apps rather than quantity. Google, Facebook and many more are missing from the party, though several others have confirmed they are developing Windows 8 apps.

Forget important third party apps, even a fair few Microsoft applications are still missing in action.

Case in point the impressive and highly-rated Photosynth app that Microsoft has developed for various platforms, but is still nowhere to be seen for Windows 8 — even though you can find it on Apple’s app repository for any and all iOS devices.

The things one gets to see in the technology word, these days.

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