Windows Store Exploit allows Thieves to Steal Apps

Windows Store, there is always some out there willing to exploit it. While Windows Store offers trials on many of its programs to give consumers an easier way to try before they buy, it seems that some hackers have decided to use this trial system as a way to steal full apps instead. What makes this so crazy is that developers aren’t required to make their apps work with a trial, it is fully an option that helps them make things easier on the customer. It is genuinely awful when a developer does something nice like this only to have someone take advantage. So how does this crack work? I’m not going to fully detail it, because I’m NOT endorsing this method. That said, it basically works through a special process that patches these trials and allows you to fully unlock them. It does not allow these apps to receive normal updates or it will break them. Apparently there is also a way to side-load apps and other programs using this software as well, or so it is being reported. The program involved Wsservice_crk, and originally showed up on the My Digital Life forum. What makes this crack so frustrating is that smaller developers might now jump ship on this “trial system” if Microsoft can’t find a way to fix the issue, since apps are safe if they don’t have a trial option. This probably won’t affect the massive developers out there, but it is really hard on the little guy just trying to make a few extra dollars to pay for the equipment and costs involved with putting these apps together. So who is to blame for this? No, not Microsoft. People who are unwilling to pay a few bucks for hard work for a developer, that’s who. Sure, Microsoft needs to fix the exploit here, but hackers that want something free can always find ways around this kind of stuff, as seen in Android and iOS with various app hacks out there. Hopefully Microsoft finds a way to fix this issue soon enough. What do you think of this latest exploit? [ source ]]]>

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