Windows Store Needs More Immersive Apps, Confirms Microsoft

Microsoft’s latest quarterly conference call with analysts was a tad unspectacular, with the company keeping a lot of the sales numbers to itself and not delivering much in line of new information.

One fact that was reiterated was that the Windows 8 business is only just starting. Microsoft’s chief financial officer, Peter Klein seemed quite optimistic that the OS’s growth would continue through the year as more and more devices featuring Windows 8 hit the store shelves.

Essentially Microsoft believes we will see much better sales not just of Windows 8, but computers in general, as hardware vendors bring more and more products out in the market. One of things that have hampered Windows 8’s lift off is a limited selection of new devices, particularly touch-enabled ones.

One thing, however, which Klein admitted could do a bit better was the Windows Store, particularly the quality of apps currently available over there:

“While the number of apps in the Windows Store quadrupled, we clearly have more work to do. We need more rich, immersive apps that give users access to content that inform, entertains and inspires.”

And this makes total sense, once you think about it.

A lot hinges on Microsoft’s flagship apps repository, the Windows Store. An attractive and appealing selection of apps, particularly exclusive ones can go a long way in generating consumer interest in Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS.

The new paradigm shift that computing industry has witnessed over the past few years, means that platforms now live and die by their software and app support. The more apps it can boast, the healthier that platform is. And Windows 8 is no different.

But the good news is that several manufacturers have announced new models that are set to launch in the coming months, including touch-enabled tablet and notebook hybrids.

The phrase ‘No touch, no fun’, never sounded truer.

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