Windows Store Now Open For All Windows 8.1 Builds

Microsoft is just a few days away from the launch of Windows 8.1 Preview, and along with the refreshed operating system, the redesigned Windows Store seems to be ready for action.

The company seems to have enabled the Windows Store for all builds of Windows 8.1, including leaked ones. What this means is that users that have installed the beta builds can now login to the apps repository and download Metro applications.

If you may recall Redmond has expressed its desire to redesign the Windows Store in Windows 8.1, providing users the ability to find the apps they are looking for much more easily.

And those that have installed the beta builds of the OS have taken the new Windows Store for a spin.

The Store has indeed gone for a much more modern look, as you can see from the screenshot above, and more importantly comes with a cleaner design that brings out its main features smack in the spotlight. If this is the way forward, it sure is exciting.

According to reports, the new Windows Store seems to be working in all leaked builds of Windows 8.1, and users are allowed to download and install apps from the repository.

Official details of everything that is new remain under wraps for the time being, but stay tuned for more information in the weeks to come as Microsoft unveils the Windows 8.1 Preview on June 26.

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