Windows Store Pacing Ahead At More Than 1,000 New Apps A Day

Microsoft’s flagship apps repository for Windows is finally gaining some traction. This past week or so has seen Redmond publish a whole bunch of new apps every day.

Some days even saw more than 1,000 new apps submissions.

It was not too long ago when news broke out that the Windows Store had crossed the 50,000 apps milestone. The count now stands at 55,371 at the time of this writing, according to MetroStore Scanner.

The lack of apps has often been cited as one of the reasons Windows 8 is yet to take off. The new platform has been on the market for more than 5 months now, but the lack of major apps for the operating system has seen buyers turn away to other competing solutions.

Obviously, this traction may be as a result of several new promotions and gifts Microsoft has prepared for developers. Redmond recently rolled out a plan to give away $100 for each app published on both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store.

This could very well be one of the factors of this increased interest.

Nevertheless, it just may increase developer interest in the new platform, and some may finally embrace the Windows 8 platform — seeing as several large companies are yet to do, from Google to Facebook.

The overall quality of the apps can still be termed as hit and miss, though the recent past has seen several high quality applications make their appearance on the Windows Store, including games.

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