Windows Store Whizzes Past 70,000 Apps

How do you like the Windows Store on wheels? Microsoft’s flagship apps repository for Windows 8 has been tearing up the charts these past few months, making the slow growth at the start of the year a thing of the past.

Call it extra incentives, increasing user base, or developer attention, the Windows Store is now seeing several hundred apps submissions daily — some time even in excess of a thousand new apps daily.

Developing them is one thing, but approving thousands of apps daily is another thing entirely. One that the Windows Store team is all too happy to do, mind you.

That is the current state of affairs at the Windows Store. According to MetroStore Scanner, the unofficial source keeping tabs on the apps available in the repository, Windows Store has just whizzed past 70,000 apps as of May 10, 2013.

For those of you into statistics, the count at the time of this writing is 70,731.

Out of these, no less than 48,516 apps are available in the US market, meaning it has finally overtaken the localized Chinese market which currently claims 45,736 unique Windows 8 apps.

Education, Books & Reference and Entrainment remain the top three categories, with 10,866, 10,495 and 9,050 apps available respectively. Security, as you would expect is the category with the lowest number of applications, amounting to a clean (pun always intended) 250.

If this pace continues, expect the Windows Store to reach the important milestone of 100,000 apps before the summer season is out. Maybe we will get an official statement from Redmond, then.

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