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First off, thank you for your interest in Cozy! Cozy is an app dedicated to helping you relax. Had a hard day at work and need to unwind? Need some ambiance to enhance your meditation? Maybe the soothing sights and sounds of Cozy can help you (or a restless child) sleep? Or, maybe you just want something to leave on when you aren’t using your device. Cozy has you covered for any and all of those uses, and more. Cozy is not like most white-noise apps you might have used. Cozy also has videos and images to accentuate the experience. Why just listen to the crackle of a fire or the trickle of a stream of water in the woods when you can WATCH them, too? Cozy comes loaded with both video and audio-only content (which is enhanced with beautiful, HD-quality images, so you are never stuck staring at a blank screen). Additionally, as I find/capture more content suitable for this app, I will add them and release them as FREE updates. Cozy will never sell new content as in-app purchases. So, grab a cup of coffee, prop up your feet, and let your mind ease with Cozy.


  • Creates a peaceful mood for relaxation and meditation.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • 4 videos and 12 sounds in the first release.
  • More content to be released in the future, all for free.
  • All included Creative Commons/Public Domain content is linked to the source in the About screen (so let them know if you like their stuff!).
  • Any audio/video I have captured will also be made available via Creative Commons – Attribution license.


  • Link to:  Cozy
  • Cost:  $1.49
  • Category:  Entertainment
  • Age Rating:  3+
  • Developer:  Vulhop Software LLC

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