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AthensBook, the definitive free smart city guide for those traveling or living in Athens, Greece, now available for Windows 8. AthensBook provides timely and accurate information on a wide range of utility and cultural categories, including: Open Pharmacies and Hospitals, Gas Stations (including recent prices), Restaurants, Bars and Nightlife, ATMs and Banks and Patisseries with new categories added all the time. A plethora of filtering and sorting options are available for most categories and all information is presented both textually as a list and on a map. Note that AthensBook covers places located in Athens, Greece, only! You can, however, still use the application is you are not physically located in the greater Athens metropolitan area, by selecting one of the preset locations available within the app.


  • Smart city guide with live content
  • Utility and Entertainment categories


  • Link to:   AthensBook
  • Cost:  Free
  • Category:  Travel
  • Age Category:  12+
  • Developer:  Cosmical Technology Ltd.
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