Windows Subsystem for Linux hits version 0.65.1

August 3, 2022

Like father, like son! Just like the Windows Subsystem for Android received a new update this month, the Windows Subsystem for Linux also recently received an update.

One that takes the subsystem to version 0.65.1.

Every Insider can grab this latest update to WSL, which will roll out for them first and then ship to everyone else laterโ€”after thorough testing and quashing any bugs that get spotted.

If you are unaware ofย theย Windows Subsystem for Linux, this powerful piece of software wizardry is designed to allow you to run GNU/Linux environments directly in Windows without requiring virtual machines or dual-boot configurations.

This makes this handy utility, which is available on Windows 11 and Windows 10, a very useful solution for cross-platform development and testing.

Ben Hills, manager of the Linux on Windows team at Microsoft, shared news of this new version on Twitter, also specifying that all Insiders would receive this build.

As for whatโ€™s new in this version, this is appropriately outlined over at GitHub here.

Alongside the lengthy changelog of this new release, you can also download the MSIX bundle for WSL 0.65.1 from the same GitHub page.

As mentioned above, the idea of making this available for all Insiders is to cast a wide net for feedback and then use it to determine whether this release is fit for general availability or requires more polish.

Once the update has received positive feedback and is assessed for quality, it should be available to anyone who wants it.

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