Windows – Tablet Review: MSI WindPad 110W

While there may not be as many thousands of Windows tablets as there is Android models, there are still quite a few to choose from.

With Windows 8 just around the corner, right now may be a perfect time to get yourself a Windows-based tablet in anticipation of the Beta. Still, out of all the choices how do you know which one is right?

The ‘right one’ is going to vary based on your needs, but at Windows 8 Update we have made it our goal to at least give you basic details and information about every tablet out there in order for you to figure out which is the right choice for you.

Today’s Windows tablet is the MSI WindPad 110W. As always, let’s start with a list of the specifications, to give you a better look at what kind of hardware you will be getting with this device:

  • 1GHz AMD C Series Processor
  • 2GB DDR3 memory
  • 10″ 1280×800 wide-view, multi-point touch screen with IPS
  • WiFi 802.11a/g/n
  • 32 GB Hard Drive
  • Easy to turn on/off or adjust frequently used functions
  • Freely lock/unlock the rotation function
  • mini-HDMI
  • SD Card Reader
  • 1 USB 2.0 port
  • Weight: 1.87 pounds
  • Dimensions: 7.2×10.66x.61-inches
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion

The MSI Windpad has a very business-orientated style which is attractive yet rather simple in nature. This is nothing compelling or exciting about the build, but it is solid and certainly comparable to just about any other business-minded tablet out there.

I do have to applaud MSI for being one of the less weighty Windows-based tablets, with many easily exceeding 2 ½ pounds or more, this model only weighs in at 1.87 pounds.

While this isn’t exactly tiny either, this type of form factor is small enough that non-business tasks like e-reading and gaming should still be rather comfortable (something I can’t say for all Windows tablets).

The default software is nothing to write home about and is fairly stock Windows 7, of course for those with plans to move to Windows 8 this isn’t going to be a major deal though.

For those nervous about putting on Beta software, if Windows 8 Beta is anything like Windows 7 Beta I can confirm it is a very capable OS that you can use as your primary operating environment.

MSI has worked to enable special keys that making navigating Windows a little better though, such as a smart tracker, touch ball mouse, and a capacitive multi-point touch screen with IPS.

Will aesthetics and weight are undoubtedly important, those who have read my reviews before know that my primary concern is always almost the hardware.

I can deal with a slightly ugly machine or even one that is too heavy, but if it is beautiful but has awful hardware, it becomes nothing more than a fancy paperweight.

For those interested in the business-side of this device, I should note right away that this tablet has a TPM security chip that allows you to encrypt your files to be password protected and only able to be opened with the TPM chip, so no hacker can get to this information.

As far as processing power, unlike many of the tablets out there we aren’t greeted by an Intel processor at all. Instead with have the AMD C Series Processor, a dual-core device that is coupled with Radeon graphics that should make a better pairing than nearly an Atom/Intel-graphics tablet you find out there.

Of course this thing won’t begin to compare to the more expensive i3 or higher Intel tablets, but overall there is a plenty zippy experience for light-to-moderate use (even some gaming).

At the end of the day, this is a tablet that isn’t best suited for casual users in my opinion. Price tag alone is one of these reasons, but for those looking for either a business, geek, or gaming tablet this isn’t a bad option.

For gamers though, don’t expect to play games at high settings but the Radeon/AMD pairing should allow for many of today’s games to at least play at lower settings, making this a model gaming solution for those who need one.

Of course, space is limited and extra flash memory will probably be a must for many users.

I also have to again applaud MSI for the 1.87-pound factor.

The MSI WindPad 110W can be found at Amazon for $581.99.

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