Windows Terminal 1.1 Here With Several New Delights

Windows Terminal

The first update for Windows Terminal Preview is here as version 1.1. And this release brings with it several new features, most of them focused on usability and user interface.

Fine by me!

For starters, you can now choose to open files with Windows Terminal from the File Explorer. It will launch the preview version of the application until the final release of version 1.1 is out for everybody, but that is to be expected.

Windows Terminal Open In

Speaking of expected stuff, you now also get the ability to set Windows Terminal to launch at startup.

Also new is a profile setting to adjust font weight.

Windows Terminal Font Weight

The latest version also lets you Alt-click to open panes. The new pane will make use of the auto-split feature and will be displayed alongside the longest axis. These selections are available in the dropdown next to your tabs.

Windows Terminal Tab Color

On the topic of UI enhancements, we have a new color picker for tabs that lets you choose your color options and select any color you want by inputting custom RGB or hex codes.

Another new thing is the ability to rename the tab by right-clicking.

Windows Terminal Compact Tabs

Rounding it all up are some minor features like compact tabs that lets you define a setting to make all your inactive tabs small. Microsoft has also added in some new command line arguments as well, along with a way to open the defaults.json file via keyboard.

Solid improvements all around, and should arrive in the production version of the app soon.

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