Windows Terminal 1.3 Packs In Some Cool New Features

Windows Terminal

Windows Terminal, alongside PowerToys, is one of the few Microsoft software that gets major updates regularly. And version 1.3 of the solution comes packing a bunch of excellent new features.

The software titan talked about this release in detail in an announcement blog post.

And the big story is that the latest version of Windows Terminal is getting all the features from the previous version 1.2. These are joined by some new additions like the command palette, advanced tab switcher, tab colors, and more.

First up, is the most awaited of additions — the command palette.

This feature lets you search through all the commands that are available for you in Windows Terminal, quite similar to how things are in Visual Studio Code. You can open it by holding the Ctrl + Shift + P keys together.

Microsoft describes this as:

“The command palette has two modes: action mode and command line mode. Action mode is the mode you will enter by default and will list all of your Windows Terminal commands. Command line mode can be entered by typing > and you can then enter any wt command, which will be invoked on the current window.”

There is also an advanced tab switcher that lets you navigate more easily between tabs. It is enabled by default, with two keyboard shortcuts assigned to it in Ctrl + Tab and Ctrl + Shift + Tab.

Windows Terminal Tab Color

You can also specify a tab color easily here.

To top it all off, we have some new commands, including the ability to execute wt.exe command line arguments with key bindings. In addition to that, you can send input to the shell, and there is also a tab search feature. You can also set the color scheme of the active window now.

As always, Windows Terminal can be downloaded via the Microsoft Store or from GitHub.

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