Windows Terminal 1.4 Here With Hyperlinks Support

Windows Terminal

Microsoft has released new versions of Windows Terminal, the main general one and a preview. And both come packing a range of new additions for the command line utility.

The former is version 1.3, which includes all the features that were made available last month like a command palette, a tab switcher, expanded tab color settings, and more. While the latter is version 1.4, and it offers support for jump lists and hyperlinks.

Read up on the details of these two new releases here.

Terminal Jump List Start Menu

For starters, we have jump lists support in this latest preview version, which lets Windows Terminal to launch with a specific profile from the Start Menu or Taskbar.

The update also brings support for embedded hyperlinks, and these now appear with an underline. These links can be opened by holding the Ctrl key when clicking on them. Microsoft promises support for automatic detection of plain hyperlinks soon.

Moving on, we also have support for rendering blink graphics using the SGR 5 attribute that enables the addition of fun blinking displays inside the text buffer.

There are also a handful of bug fixes in this release.

If you have installed Windows Terminal through the Microsoft Store, then you will get the latest version automatically. Otherwise, you can always grab the latest release from the GitHub page of the project and install it manually.

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