Windows Terminal becomes the default command line tool

October 20, 2022

It was almost a year ago did we learn that Microsoft was working to make Windows Terminal the default command line tool in Windows 11. And the past few months brought some progress in this regard.

But now this endeavor is finally complete.

According to the company, this was a mammoth effort at the backend to migrate the whole operating system to the new tool. As you can imagine there were countless legacy components that had to be updated to make the shift.

Thankfully, that is done, and with the latest optional update release for the OS, Windows Terminal has finally become the default experience.

Yes, this optional update goes by as Moment 1, and it took flight just a day or so ago, bringing with it a whole range of improvements to many of the core features of Windows 11. You have the tabbed File Explorer, Suggested Actions, Taskbar Overflow.

And amid them, Windows Terminal taking charge.

Though Microsoft did not highlight this change in its initial release notes, preferring to put together a dedicated blog post on the topic instead that talks about this welcome conversion in detail.

Basically, you need to be running Windows Terminal 1.15 or greater to have all command line applications automatically open in it.

You will, however, need to pay the Settings app a visit and navigate to Privacy & security > For developers and confirm that the dropdown next to Terminal says Let Windows decide. And with the latest update deployed, Windows 11 should opt for Windows Terminal.

Important to note that this latest Windows 11 update is only available as an optional preview for now, and will only start rolling out generally with the Patch Tuesday update cycle next month.

But if you do get it all sorted on your system, you can enjoy Windows Terminal for all your command line needs, with several beloved features likes multiple profile tabs, tabs and panes, command palette, full customization, and more.

Mission accomplished!

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