Windows Terminal gets a splash of color with themes

September 16, 2022

What a wonderful world! Windows Terminal continues to grow from strength to strength, with developers adding a whole range of useful new features to the command line tool.

Version 1.15 arrived a couple of months back, packing full keyboard selection support as well as experimental support for scrollbar marks. Today, the company has rolled out version 1.16, which seems to be a pretty significant update.

You can catch up on the changes and additions this new version brings here.

But the big deal, for starters, is a global property for themes that has been baked in, allowing you to customize Windows Terminal to your heart’s delight. You can modify themes from the JSON file select them from the Settings section.

Windows Terminal Themes

It is also now possible to customize tabs, tab rows, and windows, and Microsoft’s documentation of the subject is a good place to get started with this.

Additionally, more colors have been introduced to give Terminal a more cohesive appearance. The app will also now use dark theme as the default rather than relying on the system theme, so that is another notable change.

Windows Terminal Light Dark

The color page has also been redesigned in this release, and you can take a look at it below:

Windows Terminal Color Schemes

The new text rendering engine that was introduced with version 1.13 in preview is now the default render for all profiles. It brings several benefits, including better performance, support for more pixel shaders, bold text, and underline/overline/hyperlink lines.

Furthermore, if the machine you are using Windows Terminal on does not have a GPU, the engine will automatically switch to a more performant mode that does not depend on the graphics processing unit.

There are a whole bunch of other improvements and bug fixes, too, in this preview release, the details of which you can take a look at the link above.

Finally, those of you who want a more stable experience, Windows Terminal itself has been updated to version 1.15.

You can download the stable release here from the Microsoft Store or get in on the preview here. The bits are also available from GitHub and the good old Windows Package Manager (winget) if you would rather.

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