Windows The Second Most Secure Platform

Stating the obvious here. Nokia is here with its latest Threat Intelligence Report, which reveals what we already know. That Android is the most targeted platform by malware authors.

Windows is listed in second place, with 27.96%.

But no less than 68.50% of the malware is specifically aimed at the Google operating system, while the remaining 3.54% is listed as the other category where you will find iOS. Good for Apple, as listed in this category probably means that its share here could be much lower.

You can check the full details in the report here, but this pie chart below paints the picture:

Nokia Threat Intelligence Report 2017

So, basically the situation has not changed all that much in the past couple of years, and cybercriminals continue to run amok on Android — even with Google doing all it can to prevent the spread of malware on its operating platform.

Nevertheless, infected apps keep making their way to the Play Store, and these are usually downloaded by millions before Google manages to catch them and take them down.

The situation for Windows, while improved, is still a tad scary, as nearly one in every three malware threats is designed for this platform.

Microsoft continues to make improvements across the board, but clearly more work remains to be done by all parties to keep the Windows platform as secure as possible for the users on both PCs and mobile devices.

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