Windows Threshold Could Launch In 2014, Says New Report

The most popular topic among the Microsoft user base these days is Windows Threshold. While we had had a handful of rumors about the so-called Spring 2014 GDR update for Windows 8.1, Threshold is where it is at right now.

And the reason for this enthusiasm? News that Redmond may bring back the classic Start Menu with the release of Windows Threshold is one rationale for this increased interest.

Previously hinted for an early 2015 launch, a new source now claims that Windows Threshold could actually make its debut in a fair bit sooner — say, right after Windows Phone 8.1 goes live, and before the rumored merger of the Windows RT and Windows Phone platforms takes place.

This new information comes from prominent Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott, and essentially means that Windows Threshold could see daylight before 2014 is out, probably around October or November. More importantly, this means Microsoft stick to its annual update cycle for the Windows platform.

Some of you may recall some of the previous rumors on this matter that hinted Windows 9 was being readied for launch during this October or November 2014 timeframe.

However, as things stand, the name of this upcoming update to the Windows platform is something that is not confirmed. Microsoft may yet end up calling Windows Threshold, Windows 8.2, or it could be given any other name.

What do you guys have in mind for this? Windows 8.2 or Windows 9? Or something else entirely?

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