Windows Touch Monitor Review: Planar 22-inch PX2230MW

Windows 8 is set to take the PC world by storm in just a little under a year by changing the way we interact with our computers.

A big part of this plan surrounds touch technology, and although keyboard and mouse legacy support isn’t going away anytime soon, now is a great time to make the jump to a touch monitor.

For desktop users, this is a much easier thing to do than for those with laptops, as even the oldest hardware out there likely will work with a touch-screen solution of some kind.

With this in mind, today’s review focuses on the Planar 22-inch PX2230MW Touchscreen LCD Monitor. Like practically every touch monitor out there, if you have Windows 7, or 8, touch-setup and recognition is a breeze.

Unlike many other monitors, this one is only being touted as compatible with Windows 7 or higher.

So, installation aside, is the Planar 22-inch PX2230MW worth purchasing? Maybe.

First we’ll talk about the reasons why you’d want this model-

  1. Reason 1: The touch capabilities are reasonably responsive and don’t require any kind of drivers or installation of any kind, providing a truly plug-and-play experience.
  2. Reason 2: The screen quality is very good, nice and bright with accurate colors. Viewing angles aren’t perfect but not bad at all.
  3. Reason 3: ….. because you want touch capabilities?

Honestly, I had trouble coming up with multiple reasons to want this monitor.

It isn’t gorgeous and the price tag is honestly a little high when compared to the features you are actually receiving.

This isn’t at all to say that the Planar PX2230 isn’t any good. It has a good resolution at 1920×1080, and works as you’d expect but I have heard minor complaints about touch calibration on occasion and with the price it makes me just a bit weary of it.

The bottom line is that the Plannar PX2230 is a solid, if not amazing, purchase but it isn’t something you’d write home about either.

There are also little things that just are missing that should be there if you ask me, like a headphone jack.

$269.99, from Amazon  just seems like too much to pay for a device that didn’t wow me in the same way that the Viewsonic VX2450 did.

Then again, it all depends on what you are looking for, I suppose.

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