Windows Touch Monitor Review: ViewSonic VX2258


With Windows 8 on its way, now seems like a perfect time to dive forward into the world of touch-screen technology. Metro makes use of touch in a big way, and there are many apps that will show up in the market that will just work and feel better if you have a touch solution.

Of course with a flood of monitors out there that support touch, which is the right one? We will try to help you out by reviewing as many as we can to help you make the best educated decision.

Today’s review is all about the ViewSonic VX2450WM touch monitor. First off, touch installation is really not worth talking about with each of these reviews because if you are using Windows 7 and beyond, there is little to do except plug them in and use them.

So where does that leave us? Let’s talk about why this monitor is an excellent choice if you are looking for a quality touch screen monitor.

Reason 1: The first to the race for touchscreens. This was the first touchscreen to actually achieve Windows 7 certified multi-touch capabilities… of course that also could mean its a little old, but the point here is that it will work great with both Windows 7 and 8, and its new touch features.

Reason 2: It’s rather attractive. This isn’t important to everyone, but there is no denying that this monitor will look sleek, beautiful, and semi-futuristic when you first place it on your workspace desk.

Reason 3: Touch is highly responsive and works well with Windows (and honestly can even work just fine with many modern Macs).

Reason 4: Viewsonic has been in the business for a long time with a good overall track record.

Bottom line, this a great monitor from a brand that many trust. I have owned several ViewSonics over the year, and for the most part haven’t been disappointed by the quality (there was one CRT a while back that failed me when it shouldn’t have… but that’s it).

Of course, no monitor is perfect. The colors sometime shift with the viewing angle, and the screen itself is a little too bright.

If you are a gamer, basic user, or just someone wanting to add touch, I again stress this is a great model to pick from. If you are in a high-graphics demanding field, though? There might be a few better models out there. Still, if you are looking for a touch device, this monitor handles it pretty well.

You can purchase the device from Amazon for $332.23.

* EDIT: Originally, an error was made and this was posted as the VX2450, sorry for any confusion!*

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