Windows Update KB3022345 Causing USB Device Not Recognized Errors

The dreaded USB Device Not Recognized error is one of the worst problems you can encounter on Windows, and Windows Update KB3022345 is causing this issue on several PCs.

In fact, the whole Patch Tuesday this month turned out to be quite some fiasco in terms of issues.

Several updates have caused problems on computers after they were installed, and one of these that has already been confirmed by other users on Microsoft’s Community forums is one that causes the above error.

What’s even more interesting is that KB3022345 is one of the updates that was revised and rereleased, as part of this month’s update cycle.

It displays this error message on the desktop whenever a USB device (like a phone, flash drive or even an external hard drive) is plugged into the system.

This issue primarily affects Windows 8.1 users, while those running older versions of the operating system, including Windows 7 are apparently in the clear. Worse yet, uninstalling the update does not fix the problem, leaving a complete system restore as the only fix for this pesky problem.

Microsoft has already acknowledged this problem, and is working on a new version for this particular patch that should (hopefully) solve all issues.

Until then, it’s best to not install KB3022345 to stay on the safe side.

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