Windows Update will notify you if your PC is eligible for Windows 11

August 30, 2022

Talk about an easier Windows 11 eligibility confirmation method. And nothing is easier than Windows Update itself letting you know if your PC is worthy of the new operating system.

With the launch of the OS nearing, Microsoft has gotten busy talking about installation.

The software titan sure did ruffle some feathers after it put forth some tough system requirements for the latest version of Windows. And then stood its ground. At the same time, it left open a loophole of sorts for technology enthusiasts to deploy the OS if they want.

Redmond also released the newly refreshed PC Health Check app to not only test the eligibility of a given hardware, but also let users know what they are missing for full compatibility.

However, as reported, the company may have an even more convenient checking method in the works that will tell users the status directly in the familiar Windows Update window.

Windows Update Eligibility

The company is said to be testing a new sidebar message in this corner of the OS that gives the verdict right then and there that “this PC can run Windows 11” if you are on a device capable of running the latest operating system.

Easiest confirmation there ever was!

Apparently, this new feature is rolling out to Insiders in the Release Preview channel of the preview program. Microsoft seems to want to test this new option out in a way that not all users are exposed to right off the bat.

Definitely a convenient alternative for those not interested in going through the PC Heath Check app. That tool will remain useful for finding out what is preventing you from being eligible for the new OS, but an easy confirmation like this is, well, much easier.

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