Windows Virtual Desktop Is Ready For Action

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Are you ready? Rewind back to Ignite 2018, and you will find that Microsoft pulled off a surprise by announcing the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) service at that event.

This is a service that basically allows users to run Windows 7 and Windows 10, as well as Office apps in a virtual machine in the cloud — Azure powered, obviously.

We have not heard much regarding it, since then.

But now, according to Scott Manchester, the company’s Group Manager for WVD and RDS, the service is finally feature-complete. It actually has been public preview since March, meaning the Redmond based technology firm is pretty much ready to make WVD generally available.

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Of course, Manchester being prudent did not give an ETA for release.

However, the trusty old Mary Jo Foley stepped in quick, reporting that her sources suggest a September release time frame for the launch. This lines up nicely with the one-year window Redmond alluded to at the time it unveiled the service.

In September of last year, of course.

Just in time for those organizations that are still on Windows 7, and plan to stay on this platform beyond its retirement date in January of 2020. This will be a unique solution for these customers, as Microsoft will be providing free security updates for Windows 7 machines that run on WVD.

Until January 2023, at least.

So, they get another three years of peace and quiet. What Microsoft has not announced yet, is the pricing of this interesting little service. We do know users will need to have an Azure subscription for it, but beyond that, we await further details.

Fingers crossed, they come along soon.

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