Windows Vista Aero

Windows Aero is the most extravagant graphical user interface (GUI) ever introduced by Microsoft. Aero is the acronym of Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open, these words certainly reflect the qualities of the Windows latest graphical user interface (GUI). This graphical user interface (GUI) is designed specially for the latest versions of Windows which includes Windows Vista. It has become very famous among the users because of its awesome features as Microsoft has put a lot of efforts in the designing of this graphical user interface (GUI).

It is easily accessible, faster more powerful and more reliable than the previous versions of the user interfaces introduced by Microsoft. Its has got many interactive features like live thumbnails, live icons, improved and better animations than any other (GUI), latest translucency which is for example; the borders of windows of different applications are glass like means the other windows behind the currently accessed widow will be visible and improved eye candy as there are many eye catching features in this graphical user interface (GUI) like its has got extremely beautiful themes with latest and improved graphics and the icons and the windows have got new styles which no other competitor can offer at this point of time. Thus it has got such awesome features which tends the users to acquire this stunning technology for their computer.

In order to enable this technology on to the computer one must have certain features in his or her computer like the graphical card should support DirectX 9, the graphics card must support the 2.0 pixel Shader in hardware, the driver must be written specifically for windows vista, the system should be set to 32 bits per pixel, the primary monitor refresh rate must be set to at least 10 Hertz, the system must have 512mb of available ram and last but the most important is that it does not work on the Windows Vista Basic edition rather it works on the Ultimate edition.

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