Windows Vista compared to Windows 7

Windows 7 Comparison over Vista

If you are currently using Microsoft Windows Vista operating system. Then you are probably trying to decide whether or not to upgrade to the new Microsoft Windows 7. What are the benefits of using the new Windows 7 comparison to Vista? Windows 7 offers a bigger package than what is currently being offered with Vista. Take a look at the list of features that you will find with Windows 7 that does not come with Vista.

View Available Networks

This feature allow you to connect to many different networks. You can connect to a work network to complete your work almost anywhere. This is a plus for telecommuters. The wizard can help with setting this up step-by-step. When connecting with your home network you can share pictures, printers, music and more with anyone in your home. Locate all wireless networks available in the area by clicking the internet networking icon displayed on the taskbar.

Windows Libraries

The libraries feature give you an easier way to find all of your important files located on your personal computer. You can also organize your libraries by date, genre or type.

Jump Lists

Go straight to your most frequent sections depending on what program you are currently using. If you are using the Internet you can go to websites you visit most with a simple click. In media player go straight to the music you listen to most. Jump list is simply a way to do things quicker while saving you a lot of time and clicks.

Windows XP Mode

If you own a business and have older XP business software. You can still run the older XP software on your new Windows 7 by changing it to XP mode. Virtual PC is required to use the XP mode, but this can be downloaded for free on Microsoft‘s site.

Windows Touch

It is the difference between flat pack furniture and bespoke kitchens. This is the feature that really stands out form the crowd. Let your fingers do the clicking using Windows Touch. With this feature you can touch to zoom in, scroll through photos, look through files and browse online. If you have always liked finger painting as a kid, then you will be glad to know that you can also do this with Windows Touch.

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