Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade Advisor

Upgrade advisor is available in every edition of Windows vista except in enterprise edition. Upgrade advisor of windows vista ultimate edition is a very helpful tool of it. The presence of upgrade advisor in Windows Vista ultimate edition gives sense of relaxment to its user.

The upgrade advisor or upgrade software of windows vista works in same as it works in other windows. Basically the purpose of this software is to facilitate the user of windows vista, it help the user in finding the new software from internet which can update the running windows without deleting any old software.

Windows Vista advisor help the user in dual way, one is, it tell the user that their system can run the windows vista in future or not and the second one is that it gives the option that if user wants to update its windows vista running version from internet. This small software also creates an easy report which every one understands. After scanning the system, it gives many ways to the user to resolve the problems of windows with hardware.

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor is totally private software of your Windows, means that it will not send any of your personal data file to the Microsoft or to any other third party.

Like all other simple software Window Vista Ultimate Upgrade Advisor also have some requirements which should be fulfilled so that this will run on the system, which are, system must have administration Privileges, hard disk should have minimum 20 MB free space, system should be using the Net 2.0 and MSXML6 but these two are not so important. If users are installing it trough internet, its installation become more easy because if you system does not have any required piece of software which is needed to run the Ultimate Upgrade advisor for running on the system, internet offers you to install it first and also guides you from where it can be found.

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