Windows XP Security Issues

Microsoft Windows XP operating system is one of the most popular operating systems ever. Many people around the world have this operating system installed on their computers. Because this operating system is so popular, many cyber criminals are trying to find security holes in this system, and to use it for their criminal activities. In addition, many of them are successful, because many Windows XP users do not know how to eliminate all these threats. Therefore, here are several advices on how to improve your computer security, and do not become a victim of these cyber criminals.

Most important step that you really have to do is to make sure that all of your Microsoft applications are updated with latest updates. This is your first defense against all security threats, because Microsoft’s engineers are also aware of all new security threats, and they are constantly working to eliminate them. That is why they are making new updates and patches for all Microsoft applications. Make sure to switch on Automatic updates from the Control Panel of your Windows XP, visit the Microsoft web site from time to time, and inform yourself about latest news and updates for your Windows XP.

You should set a strong password for your Windows XP. Users of this operating system often overlook the importance of having a strong password as a strong element in prevention of any security issue. Strong password should contain at least eight characters and should be a mixture of numbers, letters and symbols. In addition, you need strong password not only for Windows XP, but also for any service that is maybe at risk, especially if money is involved (like password for your online bank account, email or any other commercial account).

If your computer is connected to any kind of network, and especially if you have broadband internet connection, you must use Firewall to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic between your computer and internet. Windows XP have built in Firewall but it monitors only incoming traffic and doesn’t monitor outgoing traffic, so if you don’t have hardware Firewall on your router, than you have to consider buying Firewall. Best Firewall on the market at the moment is Zone Alarm, made by company called Zone Labs, and you can download free trial from their web site.

Next thing that you need is Anti Virus Protection. Even if in last couple of years computer viruses threats are reduced to minimum, you still need Anti-Virus software to prevent any damage. You should go always for a top brands like Kaspersky Anti-Virus or Avast. They will provide you with free antivirus updates and all latest upgrades of Anti-Virus software.

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