Windows XP Usage On The Up, For Some Reason

As weird as it sounds, Windows XP actually managed to increase its market share in the month of October 2017. Surprising, for an operating system that launched 16 years ago.

And support for which came at an end in April 2014.

Which is to say that Microsoft is no longer releasing any updates, bug fixes, security patches, or new features for this version. At least not to the public. The only rare exception has been an emergency patch that the software titan rolled out earlier this year to block the WannaCry ransomware.

But that is not stopping the people from installing this vintage OS on their computers.

As this NetMarketShare data shows, the number of users that are using Windows XP on their systems grew from 5.69% in September to 6.47% in October. Which is to say that the retired OS managed to increase its share by 0.78% in just 30 days.


Even though it is pretty much clear that staying with Windows XP is a very risky choice, and that users are missing out on the latest apps and software that are now exclusively available for new versions of the operating system, they still continue to use it.

And this is all the more surprising, because it is actually more difficult moving to Windows XP these days, what with the hardware incompatibility issues that may arise due to the lack of drivers.

But that’s doing nothing to deter users, it seems.

Strangely enough.

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