WinMetro Included In New Version Of Windows 8 Transformation Pack

While some users are running away from the Metro UI of Windows 8, there are some that want a taste of the modern user interface without updating to the newest version of the operating system.

If you are one of them, you can download the free Windows 8 Transformation Pack, an easy to install and use suite of enhancements designed for several earlier editions of Microsoft’s OS including Server Editions.

The transformation pack can be applied on operating systems starting with Window XP — though newer versions of Windows will obviously benefit from a better experience overall.

The latest version now loads up WinMetro instead of the Immersive UI. Along with this little change, the Glass user interface theme configuration and improved sound scheme also make the cut.

According to the developer notes, the latest build of the transformation pack come with an updated Windows 8 visual style for those running Windows 7, and the Glass UI theme configuration is now based on Aero Glass.

You can check out the complete details on the official website of Windows 8 Transformation pack, complete with screenshots, and download it if you want to get a taste.

Before installing it though, you will have to make sure that you have.NET Framework installed.

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