With Over 100 Days Passed, No Fix In Sight For Surface Wi-Fi Bug

Microsoft’s first tablet Surface was released to great fanfare exactly 103 days ago, but a few users immediately started reporting various issues that popped up on the device.

While Redmond has fixed a few of them, one in particular is playing hard to catch. The Surface Wi-Fi bug has plagued the tablet preventing users from accessing the web. The issue has already been confirmed by the technology giant, but most people were expecting Microsoft to fix it in a Patch Tuesday update.

That is yet to happen. And now owners of these buggy tablets are taking up the issue with Microsoft on the company’s official forums.

“I don’t even know if Microsoft even realizes this or if even the Support Engineers here even bother to escalate this problem to upper management”.

Another user was visibly more upset, and even had some choice words for Microsoft:

“It has now been well over 3 months and you still have no fix for this issue! You are not a technology company.”


Admittedly the issue is not all that easy to fix, as there are various variables that complicate the whole process. Microsoft, for its part is carrying on with the “we’re investigating the issue” line for now.

But while the world is waiting for the official bug fix, it has not stopped experienced users to suggest a bunch of workarounds — some require editing the registry, other more advanced ones involve tinkering with network configurations.

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