Wozniak: Microsoft May Be More Innovative than Apple Today

Steve Wozniak thinks Microsoft may be more innovative than Apple today

The one and only Steve Wozniak ex- of Apple was recently interviewed by Tech Crunch at TEDx Brussels and gave his insights into the current state of the major information technology companies and personalities. He talked about Steve Jobs, Tim Cook and Apple’s current direction. He said he had few regrets about his decisions while at Apple and was hugely optimistic about technology. The most interesting thing perhaps was his “worry” that Microsoft has become a more innovative company than Apple. He discussed how Microsoft was engaged in changing paradigms such as the user interface and speech recognition, while Apple was more focused on making money through incrementally better new products. The Tech Crunch interviewer noted:
But what most struck me about Steve Wozniak is his comfort in front of the camera. Much has been said about his unworldliness, but Woz is now so savvy, smooth and smart that I wonder whether, if Tim Cook should stumble, Apple might consider bringing him back as their CEO.
Personally, I think not. Really good guys like the Woz would not do well in today’s Apple or other large corporations. Enjoy the video.

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