Xbox app picks up HowLongToBeat integration

September 14, 2022

That’s what I’m talking about! Microsoft has pushed out a major update for the Xbox app on Windows, with the September update for the application bringing in a slew of new features.

Things start with integration with HowLongToBeat and end up with further improved performance.

Details here.

But for those of you hearing about the service for the first time, HowLongToBeat is a video game tracking portal that helps you gauge the length of titles. Or, in other words, the average time it would take to complete a game — from its main story and any DLC to achieving a 100% completed status.

Microsoft has collaborated with this community-driven website to offer the same stats on most PC Game Pass titles that are available on the service.

Xbox App HowLongToBeat

A special HowLongToBeat section will be visible when looking at a game’s page on the Xbox app on Windows. It will showcase categories like Main Story, Main + Extras, Completionist, and All Styles.

For those of you interested on better breakdowns and even submitting your own data, you can click on the “View Details” button that will take you to the game’s own page on HowLongToBeat.

As an added bonus, a new Xbox page has been setup on the HowLongToBeat website that will offer data on all supported games available on the platform across Xbox, PC, and EA Play. That is to say, this is as comprehensive an integration as you can imagine.

And it is available, starting today!

What’s also available starting today are updates to the performance of the Xbox app.

Microsoft has made further improvements, with the latest update boosts the start up time of the app by 15%. The overall responsiveness has also been improved. The company also details how crash-free sessions have gone up to 99.9%, while reports of installation errors have been cut in half.

Search functionality has also been optimized as well, with users getting results up to 20% faster than before and relevancy also going up.

Solid stuff, overall.

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