Xbox Entertainment Studios Shutting Down, MixRadio Future Uncertain

deemed excessive, and the company is currently considering options — either a shutdown or sell off. Redmond is said to have received strong interest from third parties in regards to the former option. A final decision could soon be made. The thing with MixRadio, at least when compared with the Xbox Music service is that it has a solid standing among international uses. In a perfect world, Microsoft would integrating that into Xbox Music, while making the former more appealing to international markets. Xpress Browser, another blast from the past is facing the same fate, and the service might be deadened in the near future. Another unit that is to be knocked out is Xbox Entertainment Studios, and with it, the plans for original TV shows. As this report notes, the studio will close, and result in a loss of 200 jobs. Plans for original programing have now been shelved, though the Halo live action TV shows (Halo Nightfall and the one being produced by Steven Spielberg) remain unaffected by this closure. The company is consolidating its efforts on a core set of products, and it is easy to see why side projects like this are now being viewed as distractions from the clearly defined goals that Microsoft is now pursuing.]]>

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