Xbox Game Pass Hits 15 Million Subscribers

Xbox Game Pass

Now, that’s what I call being a certified hit! Three years since its launch on Xbox One, and a year after the availability on PC, Xbox Game Pass has reached the impressive milestone of 15 million subscribers.

This, after it crossed the 10 million mark in April.

The software titan shared these numbers when announcing its acquisition of ZeniMax Media, the home of game publisher Bethesda Softworks. And as you might expect, the upcoming games in development at this newest member of the Xbox family will all be available on the game streaming service.

Day one.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft on this remarkable milestone:

“Gaming is the most expansive category in the entertainment industry, as people everywhere turn to gaming to connect, socialize and play with their friends. Quality differentiated content is the engine behind the growth and value of Xbox Game Pass—from Minecraft to Flight Simulator. As a proven game developer and publisher, Bethesda has seen success across every category of games, and together, we will further our ambition to empower the more than three billion gamers worldwide.”

You got that one right!

Xbox Game Pass has been one of the best deals in gaming around for quite some time, and it got notably better with the addition of the EA Play catalog and the Cloud Gaming service, also known as Project xCloud.

When Microsoft first outlined plans for Xbox Game Pass, voices were quick to label this as the company’s Netflix play. And considering how unbeatable this service has become, its future is most certainly bright.

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