Xbox One Announced For Release Later This Year, Uses Windows Kernel

Microsoft just wrapped up its elaborate presentation at its Redmond, Washington headquarters where it unveiled its highly anticipated next-generation gaming console.

Previously known under a variety of names and codenames, the upcoming console is called Xbox One.

The name comes from it being an “All-In-One System”, which Microsoft hopes will be center of entertainment in a lot of homes. The company revealed a lot of information regarding the hardware and software features of the upcoming gaming console.

On the hardware side of things, it is a powerhouse — 8GB of RAM, 500 GB hard drive, Blu-ray player, USB 3 connectivity along with a 40nm chip for both the CPU and GPU. In other words, a lot of what was speculated about the console held true.

What also held true was the rumor that the console will run on the Windows kernel. Microsoft has confirmed just that, and Xbox One is now powered by the same technology that powers its other products including desktops, laptops, phones, tablet and servers.

This cohesiveness finally completes Microsoft’s ecosystem, and the company’s desire to see its platform in every room and every pocket. It remains to be seen how the software titan leverages this cohesiveness going forward, but we could be in for some interesting times.

At the very least Microsoft has a powerful platform to deliver content across all devices.

One rumor that seemingly did not come true was the support for Windows apps. Xbox One uses the base Windows kernel, but app compatibility between the PC/tablet platform and gaming console was not something that Microsoft discussed.

As for release date, Redmond is yet to announce anything concrete, expect for the fact that the console is slated to hit the store shelves this year. Same goes for pricing — nothing is announced.

Either way, today was all about the big Xbox reveal, and Microsoft now has the attention of gamers and multimedia enthusiasts across the globe with its upcoming console.

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