Xbox Series S Finally Official

Xbox Series S

All it took were months of leaks and weeks of speculation, but Microsoft has finally confirmed the existence of its lower-end next generation console in the form of Xbox Series S.

And this reveal happened today after a series of additional leaks this morning concerning its price and a clip from its actual official reveal video. That is to say, the company was left with no choice than to play its cards for this exciting little game console.

This is how things went:

The promo image of the Xbox Series S confirms its price of $299, promising more information to come in the near future.

Can’t wait.

Prior to that, however, there are other tidbits floating around that highlight how the Xbox Series S is a solid choice for those on a budget. While some leakers have claimed that the Series S will only support gameplay in 1080p in order to let consumers differentiate between it and the 4K Xbox Series X.

And though we do not know the full specs of the Xbox Series S, the budget-oriented console is expected to feature 4 teraflops of GPU power, an ultrafast SSD, and a custom designed Zen 2 CPU from AMD.

It will look like a much smaller, discless version of the Xbox Series X, in a body that can easily fit inside the body of its bigger brother.

At $299 estimated retail price for the Series S, it definitely seems like Microsoft had an ace up its sleeve.

One that is now out for the world to see.

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